Please come back, babe 😢

Please come back soon 💔😢

I don’t know how could I explain to him on why do I like him so much. Yes it may seem that I said it to all the boys I have been before, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could just let me make you feel how much I like you and how I miss you. No words can’t even explain why I am still holding on to you and yet even though I can’t hold you physically, I’m still holding on to our promise that we will wait and be strong until the day comes that we would be waking up next to each other and we could hold each other til we grow old?

I don’t even know how to tell in words why I am being like this. I don’t even know what words to use for you to understand that I really really like you. I don’t even want to spill the words “cause I want you to be my forever.” Cause I know, you don’t believe in forever. And you will just tell me that “Now you’re just thinking way overboard.”

Its just me being a girl, I express my love and feelings without cautious thinking. Yes, I over react. But its how I am for you to notice me.


Fuck this feelings