Instalande 😍😍😍✌

The pa- cute face 😄🐾

Ang solusyon para sa mainit na brownout

Bailey! 💓

#Love love love

Miles and miles between us. Expensive plane tickets, long waits between visits and poor internet connections and the most saddest of all, nights spent alone… But I do promise HE’S WORTH IT. WERE WORTH IT. 💏 #sepanx

Head over heels with this guy

Saturday night buddies sequence challenge

Triple the fun! 😁

Reunited with mah school girls. HI @jakicatastrophe 😂😘 (at Pizza Warehouse)

Sa sobrang craving ko sa blueberry cheesecake di ko namalayan nakapambahy pala ako pumunta ng banapple 😂 #cravingsatisfied

Being on the hardest situation right now 😭 Don’t know whether to ignore and respect or keep the sweetness alive

Conquering 16k with this gal (at Quirino Grandstand)

Saturday night buddies! 😂😴😘😪👌🎉